Timur Brachkow, Software Engineer

I’m a Poland-based, self-taught Software Engineer with more than 5 years of working experience. My сore competences are Frontend and Design Engineering.

I'm a big fan of remote and async work and have experience of building and managing such teams.

Personally, I see myself as a good fit for startups and small companies. I can do a lot of stuff — design, frontend, management (and serverless backend if needed).

You can find a good example of my work at this GitHub repo. It's an LMS system running for hundreds of paying students. It was designed and developed by me from 0 → launch between September and November 2022 (fun fact: we had only one call during this time).


I have commercial experience with many other technologies, for example React, Webpack, Nuxt, Next.js and etc. I can quickly get into any frontend stack you want.

Working experience

Frontend Engineer at «Fedya and Samat» (June 2022 → Now)

⚙️ Technologies: Vue, Tailwind, Typescript, React, GitHub Actions

«Fedya and Samat» is a outsource botique, well known in Eastern Europe for popularisation of async work principles. They help huge companies by sending them 2-5 guys to rebuild and relaunch legacy systems.

Frontend Engineer at Beau, february 2021 → july 2022

⚙️ Technologies: Vue, Nuxt, Tailwind, GitHub Actions

Beau is a YC startup where I was a founding frontend engineer.

CSS-architect at onmoon.ru, december 2019 → august 2021

⚙️ Technologies: Vue, SCSS, BEM, Webpack

Freelance, april 2018 → december 2019

⚙️ Technologies: JS (no frameworks), SCSS, BEM, Webpack, Gulp

I started working freelance at the age of 17 while in school. Before that, I was learning web development by myself for 2 years.

At freelance I was mostly making and supporting static sites for medical businesses.